Support for the association

To achieve our art projects, we make an appeal for financial support. This support can be done joining as a member our association, by sponsorship, philanthropy or partnership.
You will find descriptions of our various projects under the title "Coming Soon".


If any of these activities attracts your attention, you can contact us to finalize the terms of our partnership. A space can be booked on our website ...


If you want to donate, you can make a payment on behalf of the association "Concertation Productions": 001-5775710-18 and note as an object the project you have chosen. We also accept donations of audiovisual materials even downgraded.


Concertation Productions abl offers you to become a sponsor of the film and participate in its creation. You allow the realization of a film by investing money from as litle as 10 euros.

-Sign up to become a "sponsoring member" and access to many services, including:

-Access to news from the VZW .

-Your name on the credits.

-Opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions to the film crew (director, producer and screenwriter)

-Invitation to projections

Account No. CP asbl: 001-5775710-18


If the projects of our association interests you, you can obtain the status of associate member of the association by paying 50 euros on the account of the association ... This fee is annual.

You'll be kept informed of all activities of the association by mail and can enjoy the benefits of "sponsors" on two projects per year.
Account No. CP asbl: 001-5775710-18

Thanking you in advance for helping us to achieve these beautiful projects.

N° Compte asbl CP : 001-5775710-18