Concertation Productions association also helps you find the most appropriate technicians in various stages of your project:
. Preparation (production-tracking)
. Turning (production - sound - cameraman ...)
. Postproduction (editing - mixing - creating generic calibration, ...)

For more information, thank you to contact us at 02/6476979

Concertation Productions association can help in the development and finalization of your project with our team of graduated professionals:
. Preparation (screenwriting - pre-production - spoting)
. Turning (directing - production - sound - image: camera + lighting ...)
. Postproduction (editing - mixing - color correction - credits design - ...)

Our Association offers you also the possibility to professional equipment (HD cameras: Canon 5D Mark II, Sony HVR Z1, Panasonic HVX-200 or JVC GY-HM700, Manfrotto Tripods, Rode Microphones, Lighting Equipment, ...). The complete pricelist is available on simple request.