Born in Brussels in 1973, Pascale Kinanga, Romanist and teacher, has studied the performing arts academies in Brussels for ten years. She played in various theatrical productions and films.

She participated as an actress and producer at the production of four short films by Alexey Dmitriev and a short film by Robert Dragot, Alpha Omega.

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Born in France in 1961, Alain Botte studied piano at the Royal Conservatories of Mons and Brussels, with Andre de Groote, Dominique Cornil, and privately with Annie Ehrat.

Piano teacher and lover of old instruments, he is also interested in other artistic disciplines. He has taken courses in elocution and drama at Brussels and played in two films by Alexey Dmitriev.

He has recorded classical works for the soundtrack of the film There is no miracle and Divorce of Alexey Dmitriev and participated as a production assistant and designer for short films produced by the association Concertation Productions.


Graduated in "Information and communication" at the UCL and in "Technics of cinematography" at INRACI, Nicolaos Zafiriou has since then accumulated professional experience in audiovisual productrions. Primarily working as a Director of Photography, he did the cinematography of a number of short films, music videos and nightclub shoots. In addition to his camera and lighting work, he specialized himself in Digital Color Correction (using Apple Color and Red Giant Magic Bullet and with work experience at Tele Bruxelles and on music videos).

He was also heavily involved in the live video recording of concerts, acquiring substantial experience in this field for over a year now (concerts of DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, Blackstreet, Skip the Use, Jeronimo, Suarez, Puggy, Joshua, Lords of the Underground, DAS EFX, ...)

This year, he made his first steps as a director, by completing his first personal project, a music video for Moby's new single "Wait for me". The feature, inspired by the myth of Orpheus has attracted a lot of attention and positive reviews at the "Wait for Me" contest organized by the musician himself.

He also acquired experience in production by working as a trainee at the production company "La Parti Production" (who produced long features like "Panique au Village", "Où est la main de l'homme sans tête", "Calvaire", ...).

As a member of Concertation-Productions, he was active as a cameraman on three short films and as a color corrector on "La Suite de Bruxelles".

Incidentally he also worked as a photographer ( for the Halles de Schaerbeek, ...) and in parallel to his strong involvement in the visual arts, he continues to work also for his other passion, basketball, having the function of "Team Delegate/Manager "at major international competitions (FIBA U18 European Championships 2009, Euroleague Final 4 2010, ...).

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