General Training and Musical Coaching of actors

Coaching musical actors
The cast is completed, the shooting starts in a few weeks ...

You're a director, you want your actor to maximize his skills in singing or playing piano.

You're a comedian, you want to improve your musical skills or learn some basic facts to make your character more believable.

Our association is at your disposal for piano lessons that can be adapted at will to achieve your goal. We can also organize a long term program where we'll follow your progress through time.

General training
Our courses offer the opportunity for everyone to progress at their own pace, whatever their level is, without any prerequisites. The learning of music theory isintegrated in the practice of the instrument.
Our lessons are aimed for teenagers and adults.
The timing and frequency of the lessons are adapted on demand.
Preparation for exams and upgrades in musical analysis, musical reading and dictation can also be organized.
There's the possibility to test your level by appointment.
Concerts and auditions will be organized periodically.

Adress of the lessons:
Music lessons are given at our premises
 74, rue des Champs-Elysees in Ixelles or at your home.

Feel free to contact us for any information or question about any aspect of our work: 02/6476979
 We will be happy to assist you.